What foods to eat after gum graft surgery what to avoid and why

What Foods to Eat After Gum Graft Surgery & What to Avoid?

Gum graft surgery can be a great solution for improving gum recession, with a success rate of 85–90%. However, the recovery process can vary in length, […]
Guide to a smooth and successful gum graft surgery recovery

Guide to A Smooth and Successful Gum Graft Surgery Recovery

Gum graft surgery is a common dental procedure that involves the replacement of gum tissue that has been lost due to gum recession. This surgery can […]
how long does a dental check up take

How Long Does a Dental Check Up Take?

A dental exam should typically last 45 minutes, however, depending on your circumstances, it might go a bit faster or slower. As everyone’s dental health is […]
accidentally blew my nose after a sinus lift

Accidentally Blew Nose After Sinus Lift, What Will Happen?

The very last thing you wish to do following having dental implants done is endanger your healing process. Your implant dentist will give you postoperative instructions, […]
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Can I Brush My Teeth After Tooth Extraction?

A blood clot typically develops in the tooth socket after tooth extraction. This sets the stage for your body to repair the extraction site as part […]
how often should you get your teeth cleaned

How Often Should You Get Teeth Cleaned?

One of the most crucial actions you can do to safeguard your dental health is to have your teeth cleaned. Most patients should see their dentist […]